Current Partner Programs

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to raise a startup. The EC recognizes that it alone cannot provide its new businesses with everything they will need to grow and become successful.

In comes the current partners with specific program initiatives. This group provides essential teachings, resources, and connections in helping the startups on their way through the EC. Below are several ways in which partner programs engage our community:

Clinics to provide one-on-one help to startups, Programming designed to teach and engage large audiences of entrepreneurs, Packages that provide startups with discounted rates on products and services from partner groups and Event support to engage a larger community of entrepreneurs.


Google Partnership Details:

The EC is one of 7 tech hubs in the Google for Entrepreneurs North American Tech Hub network.  These hubs receive support from Google in the form access to Google technologies, access to Google experts, help with PR and Marketing campaigns, and access to platforms designed to engage the EC with the other tech hubs. Since the inception of the partnership in September of 2013, the Google for Entrepreneurs group has visited the EC twice and held events with each visit. The EC also participated in the Trailblazers conference in Mountain View at the Google headquarters last fall.

Fast Facts:

• The Google for Entrepreneurs North American Tech Hub accelerators/incubators are in  Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Waterloo, Denver, Raleigh Durham, and Minneapolis. 
• Google for Entrepreneurs is an independent Google group housed with Google Ventures.
• Google for Entrepreneurs startups in their tech hub communities that meet certain criteria $20k in Google Developer Platform credits, and $2k in credits to all members of their communities. 
• Google has become active in the efforts to bring a nonstop Southwest flight to Nashville, citing their increasing interest in the Nashville technology community.


C3 Partnership Details:

The EC and c/3 have created the Innovation Hub, a one-day accelerated workshop that helps existing companies create and screen new ideas for products and services.  Beth Chase, Janet McDonald, and Michael Burcham lead groups through a process that allows them to expand their thinking and create from within.

The first Innovation Hub was a success and the EC looks forward to continuing to improve upon the day and help more people innovate!

Fast Facts:

• The first Innovation Hub saw ideas ranging from creating programming designed to innovate within the work place to creating drone programs for police use.
• Companies participating included a concrete group, a payment system, LBMC, The Bun Company, and the metro government!


Nelson Mullins Partnership Details:

Nelson Mullins and the EC have successfully run 2 Unconferences, a day designed to create relationships between startups and investors without any interference.  The first Unconference was held at our old facility in May, the second coming in October with a much larger turnout.

Nelson Mullins was so impressed with the day that they have asked the EC to help coordinate the next Unconference, this time in Washington D.C.!

Fast Facts:

• The first Unconference yielded 6 deals worth $15 million in investment.
• The October event had more than 70 companies and 30 investors.
• Make It Pop! Created the video shown here!


Waddey & Patterson Partnership Details:

The EC and  Waddey & Patterson are working on a number of initiatives including legal clinics and intellectual property education. The firm provides mentoring to our accelerator teams in understanding the value of IP Protection and provides a low cost method to begining the process.

Fast Facts:

• The Waddey & Patterson Learning Center was made possible by this partnership. 
• Named one of the best lawfirms by US News and World Report.


Franklin American Mortgage Partnership Details:

Franklin American Mortgage and the EC will collaborate on a leadership series
targeted towards EC alumni groups.  The program will reengage alumni groups and provide resources for the further development of EC graduate groups.

Fast Facts:

• Dan Crockett, CEO of Franklin American Mortgage, was a 2014 Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame inductee.
• Franklin American Mortgage is the 14th largest mortgage broker in the United States.
• Franklin American Mortgage is the presenting sponsor of the Music City Music Bowl.


Nashville Post Partnership Details:

The Nashville Post and the EC came together in November of 2013 for the first annual Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame Ceremony at the EC.  In addition to the event, the Nashville Post quarterly magazine featured all of our inductees as well as other information on the EC and entrepreneurship in Nashville.  Moving forward, the Post and EC will also have a monthly Lunch & Leadership event in which our Hall of Fame members will have a meal with a small group of EC and Post constituents.

Fast Facts:

• This years Hall of Fame inductees were Raymond Danner, Dan Crockett, Ken Levitan, Sherry Stewart Deutschmann, and Rev. DR. R.H. Boyd.
• Sherry Stewart Deutschmann will hosted the first Lunch & Leadership at the EC in January.
• The post will also be running monthly stories on about the Lunch & Leadership, which will include branded recognition of the EC.

seal of metro.jpg

Metro Office of Innovation Partnership Details:

The Metro Office of Innovation and the EC have come together to form a new program that works with the metro government to help bring change from within.  Every Friday the EC host the Office of Innovation and 4 groups vetting specific projects that will help Nashville on it’s way to becoming one of the greatest cities in America.Yiaway Yeh and Kristine Lalonde lead the effort for the Office of Innovaiton with the EC providing programming and space. 

Fast Facts:

• The program will culminate with the groups presenting their findings to a budget committee which will decide on the implementation of the ideas.
• The projects range from how to handle excess government owned land to government food procurement.
• The Office of Innovation has expressed a great deal of interest in continuing the project all year around.


Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Partnership Details:

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and EC partner to bring the NEXT Awards to Nashville each fall, as well as work together on other NEXT Award related items throughout the year.  In addition to the NEXT Awards, the Chamber, EC, Mayors Office, Arts & Business Council, and Metro Arts are working on an arts program that will educate the arts community on entrepreneurial fundamentals.  

Fast Facts:

•  This years NEXT Awards seated over 700 people, making it the largest NEXT Awards yet.
• The EC and Nashville Chamber of Commerce are working on creating more programming around small business growth.


Bass Berry Sims Partnership Details:

The EC sponsored the 2013 Bass Berry Sims & Deloitte Healthcare Investors Conference. The event brought together health care industry experts and the most significant health care private equity investors nationwide for discussions regarding trends in health care investing and innovative solutions.  

Fast Facts:

• The event takes place every November.
• This years event was held at the office of Bass, Berry & Sims in Nashville, Tennessee.
• This was the third annual Health Care Investors Conference.


XMi Holdings, Inc. Partnership Details:

XMi Holdings, Inc. is sponsor of The Global Food & Health Innovation (GFHI) Challenge is a competitive investment opportunity to identify breakthrough prototypes, technologies or early-stage ventures that hold promise for transformative impact on health and food and are scalable business enterprises.  The GFHI Challenge is open to food and/or healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world. The recipient(s) and top finalists are recognized at the Global South Summit .

Fast Facts:

• National applicants from Tennessee, California, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Indiana, and Nevada. 
• Internationally applicants from Peru, Italy, Nigeria, Chile, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, and India.