Our Mentors

EC Members have access to our comprehensive Mentor Program, a network with over 500 trained mentors from various industries and professions. Each of our mentors has been carefully selected, groomed and trained to coach entrepreneurs on their journeys to creating and building their businesses.



The first step to meet with a mentor is to attend our Entrepreneurship Orientation, a program designed to provide an overview of the EC, an overview of our Mentor Program, a crash course on the Idea Frame and how to best present your business to a mentor.


After attending our Entrepreneurship Orientation, fill out the "Meet With a Mentor" Form below to schedule your first meeting with a mentor. This form gives us an idea as to which mentor may be best for your first session, and it also provides the mentor with the details of your idea prior to your first meeting.


Email mentor@ec.co to continue meeting with mentors after your first session. The entrepreneur has the option to follow up with the same mentor or to meet with a new mentor for added perspective.