We provide you resources and an ecosystem in which startup companies can successfully launch. We foster innovation and entrepreneurship by turning ideas into reality, helping start businesses, and creating jobs. We offer a variety of programs and events to help any entrepreneur at any stage.

Try it out: We host tours of the EC every Thursday at 9am. You also can preview membership by signing up for Entrepreneurs Orientation. Orientation is the required first step for a member to meet with an EC mentor.



• Access to our co-working area
• Access to the our Mentoring Network
• Coffee, wifi, and printing
• M-F 8am-5pm building access
• Access to our café and resource area
• Access to mailbox and individual desk rentals
• Registration to our: Sip IT! CEO Coffee series
• Registration to our: Build IT! CEO workshops
• Registration to our: Drink IT! Networking Happy Hour
• Access to our Google for Entrepreneurs Resources


2016 MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES: coming soon in january

We’re thrilled by our community’s response to the EC since we moved into the Trolley Barns in 2013. You, our members, have met with more mentors, attended more events, and drank more coffee than we could have imagined! Over the past two years, we’ve been gathering feedback on all of our programs, including membership. Based on this feedback, we’re making changes for 2016. In January, we will unveil our three new membership packages: Create, Launch, and Grow.



What are the three new membership options for 2016?
The three memberships options are: Create, Launch, and Grow. These three monthly packages were crafted to cater to each stage in your entrepreneurial journey. (For example, the Grow package has the resources that a later-stage company would need.) View the PDF above to find out more!

I bought my membership in 2015, so what happens to my membership starting in January? 
You get to keep it! We are upgrading the previously purchased annual memberships. Beginning January 2016, all current active memberships will be automatically upgraded into the Launch membership package. You will have the Launch membership for one year from your initial sign-up date. Once your year is up in 2016, you will need to choose a monthly membership to transfer into.

I want to be a member today, so can I just buy a membership now?
Sure! If you pay now, we will honor the one year membership. Beginning January 2016, all current active memberships will be transferred into the Launch membership package. Whenever your annual membership ends, you will have to renew to transition into a new monthly membership package to continue using EC resources.

Is there still free coffee?
Yes!!! Our entrepreneurs love coffee, as coffee is fuel for connection, creativity, and collaboration. We will still serve it twice a day in the accelerator break room.

I am a student, so is there a discount available for me?
Yes, of course! We offer students a 50% discount on any membership package. You are also welcome to apply to our scholarships that cover membership costs. To apply for a scholarship, just ask us for more information.

I'm an EC alumni, but I’m not sure if I want the Grow membership. 
We’re so happy that you have continued interest in the EC. Alumni are not required to choose a specific membership option. However, there is a lot of alumni-focused and later-stage programming in Grow membership package. Further, we are offering all EC alumni a free Grow membership for 2016! Visit this page to learn more.

What are the new benefits associated with these new options?
There are a ton! We’ve created more customized individual events, strengthened the engagement with our partners and sponsors to help you, streamlined the process to reserve rooms and request to meet with a mentor, and so much more. The EC is a community of industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs, and we created those new events for you to meet and connect with like-minded people and established companies. And there are now scholarships available to cover both membership fees and the PreFlight accelerator fee. Overall, it’s a cohesive and streamlined membership process. There’s so much value in being an EC member!

Why did you change it to monthly charge?
Our month-to-month membership provides you with the flexibility you need to grow your business on your terms. Our community told us they enjoyed the “Netflix” style of commitment. We listened to our members, and we want to help you create, launch, and grow your company.

I only have one other person in my startup, so can we share a membership?
Unfortunately, no. Our memberships are individual- meaning that It is one membership per person. There are no exceptions! We’d love for both of you to join our community. Our month-to-month membership provides you with flexibility, so that you can grow your business on your own terms.

I am in an accelerator, so do I have to get a membership?
Nope, not for the duration of your accelerator! While in your program, you have access to the Grow membership package. And after the accelerator ends, we give your company two complimentary Launch memberships, two complimentary desk spaces, and two 24-hour access cards for three months. After that, you would need to choose a membership option in order to continue using the EC’s resources. You can talk to your program director for more information!

I only want to become a mentor, so do I have to purchase a membership?
If selected to become a mentor, your mentor training costs covers a Create membership for one year (including wifi and printing). If you want more access to the EC, it’s up to you to upgrade to another membership level. We hope that you do!

What is the difference between co-working space and a reserved desk?
Our co-working hallway is unassigned desks in a large open area. Personal items must be taken home at the end of the day, and phone calls are encouraged in the Google Room at the end of the accelerator hallway. A reserved desk is a rented desk in the large bay areas with other members. This reserved space comes with a small cubby underneath the desk for your personal belongings. Desktops may be set up and left overnight.

Can guests or clients visit me at the EC? 
We would love to host your guests! Beginning January 2016, just make sure they stop by the front desk to sign in as a visitor. If they want to stick around, we’ll let them know about becoming a member to use our resources!