In-House Partners

The In-House Partners at the EC have office space in our facility for which they pay rent. These groups often have other arrangements with the EC beyond their space as well, and those relationships are represented in the Current Partner’s Programs tab.


Nashville Technology Council

The Nashville Tech Council occupies 2 offices in the EC facility and is quickly becoming a more intricate partner. The Advance Nashville Membership group has developed a proposal for a series of tech related classes that will most likely look to the NTC for guidance and support. 



Bullpen Ventures

Bullpen Ventures has use of the Bullpen office space. This group, comprised of Steve Turner, John Ingram, Joe Galante, Landon Gibbs, Michael Burcham, Stuart McWhorter, and Mark Montgomery, invests in up to 14 companies per year at the EC. Investment structure allows for up to $50,000 in investment, typically given as $25,000 in seed funding and the possibility of $25,000 in debt upon request.



Entrepreneurs’ Organization

The EO’s Nashville chapter has use of an office in the EC facility, as well as some availability of private rooms upon request. The EC also provides space and education for Catalyst, a 24-week course designed to help existing business with approximately $250,000 scale to $1,000,000. The EC point of contact for EO is Sameera Lowe. 




DELL occupies an office at the EC in coordination with the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs. The EC main point of contact for the Dell CFE is Jason St. Peter, while the local Nashville contact is Reed West. Reed West has said his New Years resolution is to spend every Friday at the EC next year and more closely engage the EC audience. Dell also offers a discount on their services through 


Evolve Women

Evolve Women is an in-house partner group dedicated to serving women entrepreneurs. Evolve Women occupies an office and provides access to female drive entrepreneurial resources