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EC Mentor Training: Mentoring The Entrepreneurial CEO

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September 25th 8am - 12pm.

Attending this class is the first step to becoming an EC Mentor. 

EC Mentor training: Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO is a class designed to give a crash-course on mentoring for startup mentors or anyone wishing to sharpen their mentoring skills for their professional setting. This class is led by Jeff Loucks, EC Mentor Coordinator. Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO walks new EC mentors and professionals alike through a 4 hour course on how to be an effective mentor, run a successful mentor meeting, the 5Ms of an Investable Business, determining an entrepreneurs success, and walk-throughs of other valuable EC resources.

Additional Information:

To successfully complete all steps of mentor training, you must complete 8 or more shadowing hours with an EC Master Mentor after this class. Following the shadowing process, you will be assessed by a master mentor to determine where you can most valuably volunteer your time as a mentor. All mentors are asked to spend a minimum of 4 hours volunteering time at the EC a month. These hours may not always be used, but if an entrepreneur requests to meet with you we ask that you do everything you can to meet with them.

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