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Achieving Success: Inside and Outside the Corporate Walls



Join Evolve Women for  as they host another LEAN IN Series and hear from a panel of executive women share their LEAN IN stories on “Achieving Success: Inside and Outside the Corporate Walls”. You will be encouraged and inspired by women who have overcome challenges and taken steps in achieving success throughout their careers.

When you’re busy, overwhelmed, and overworked, what are the first things that you cut from your day-to-day schedule? You may feel that your social life, extra curricular activities, and relationships are falling by the wayside, but that’s not necessarily true. Let’s be honest, you won’t abandon your family and friends, and you will still find time to fit in the activities that relieve stress and foster friendships. More often than not, the first thing we cut when we are too busy is the time to learn.

Think about it. If you have too much on your plate, you can’t do anything to the best of your ability. You will hunker down, determined to get things done, but you’ll lose creativity in the process. Your thoughts are so consumed with checking things off the list that you forget to take the time to read, watch, listen, and learn from the stories, mistakes, and successes of others.

The irony is that, while you may feel that you are saving time, you are robbing yourself of the experience curve that could actually lighten your work load. When you listen to the story of someone else, you learn best and worst practices, advice for success, and things to avoid. This advice gets your creative juices flowing and helps you prioritize your hectic schedule. When you take away the time to learn, you stunt your own growth and add to your stress level.

Don’t make this mistake. Learn from others so that you can work smarter, not longer. Click here to register for “Achieving Success: Inside and Outside the Corporate Walls.”


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