Story 7: Advice for all Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Pitching to Investors + NEXT Awards and Nashville Election update

This week on the EC Podcast I've summarized the highlights that capture the main points - all in under 20 minutes. Get Story #7 episode in iTunes.

Dee Anna Smith, CEO of Sarah Cannon, expands on her recent Health Chat at the EC (in partnership with the Nashville Health Care Council) by talking about the “why” behind the healthcare industry and what makes successful healthcare entrepreneurs. She also discusses the steps individuals and companies need to make to course correct in their leadership strategy. 

How To Create An Investable Pitch is now available at

How To Create An Investable Pitch is now available at

Our resident pitcher fixer Scott Rouse discusses how to make an investable pitch by doing as much front-end research as possible before your first meeting with investors. If someone introduces you to someone, do your research. Find out who they are, where they’re from, where they went to college, etc. This makes it much easier put your best foot forward to investors. The videos are available at

Kelli Nowers, community coordinator at Nashville Entrepreneur Center, shared her favorite aspects of NEXT Awards (in partnership with The Nashville Chamber of Commerce). The awards honor entrepreneurial innovators in the Nashville area, from large companies to single individuals challenging and changing the way we do business. Click here to apply for the 2015 NEXT Awards.


Nancy DeKalb of the Davidson County Election Commission discusses the importance of voting in the upcoming historical election on August 6. While it is too late to register for the general election now, voters can still register for the potential run-off election by August 11 by going to McKay, the Community Engagement Assistant for the Davidson County Election Commission, also shared information on the upcoming election in the playlist below.


MORE Exciting updates from this past week:

I will be creating a specific piece around the new 1440 Accelerator, but in the meantime, here are a few things to hold you over. 

  1. Ingram Content Group, Entrepreneur Center launch new accelerator via Nashville Business Journal
  2. EC launches new accelerator program with Ingram Group via SouthernAlpha
  3. Ingram creates business accelerator for publishing via Tennessean
  4. Ingram Content's 1440 Accelerator may drive 10 startups via Milt Capps

CMA returns as Project Music title sponsor. Read more in this release. Also: Project Music just got a new website.