Mentor Code of Conduct

Mentors will:

  • Agree to a background check, if requested.
  • Attend training and complete shadowing requirements.
  • Deliver required EC documentation of the mentor meeting.
  • Execute the EC's Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Listen actively, build trust and give honest feedback.
  • Make the entrepreneur aware of any potential conflicts of interest involving the mentor's own company.
  • Prepare in advance for the mentor meeting.
  • Provide 48 hour notice of cancellation of mentor meetings.
  • Serve as matchmakers for other mentors, investors and partners/customers.
  • Teach, guide, advise and assign helpful homework.
  • Volunteer time (4 hours per month).

Mentors will not:

  • Do the work for the entrepreneur.
  • Pressure the entrepreneur to hire the mentor as a paid consultant, advisor or employee.
  • Violate the confidentiality requirements of EC Mentorship.
  • Establish a valuation for the company.
  • Withhold pertinent background information or act in secret.



Thank you for your willingness to invest your time to become a mentor at The Nashville Entrepreneur Center. With your knowledge and experience, we can help entrepreneurs reach key business milestones much faster and with more clarity than they could on their own. Mentoring is a two way street, and we are confident you will find this experience to be both fun and rewarding.  EC Mentors come from all backgrounds, but they all share a love for helping innovative and driven entrepreneurs realize their dreams.  Mentors apply a lifetime of business experience to helping startups launch successfully.


  • Startup Operators – Started a company, been part of an early stage team, managed a small business

  • Corporate Operators – Led a division inside a corporation, managed a team, launched a product or service, had budget responsibility

  • Subject Matter Experts A partner or participant in a business that offers the following example services and subject matter expertise to clients: legal, accounting, branding, banking, recruiting, marketing, software development, mobile development, design services, business development, etc.

Mentor Training

All mentors must submit an application to be considered for participation in the program.  Acceptance is not guaranteed, and we hope to increase the pool of operators over the next 12 months.  You must be a member of the EC to participate as a Mentor.  Once accepted into the Mentor Program, you must attend the half day Mentor Training Program and later complete a minimum of four (4) hours of shadowing with our Master Mentors before you are released to meet with startup companies. Our class, Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO walks new EC mentors and professionals alike through a 2+ hour course on how to be an effective mentor, run a successful mentor meeting, the 5Ms of an Investable Business, determining an entrepreneurs success, and walk-throughs of other valuable EC resources.  This program is offered quarterly and led by an experienced mentor from the EC.

As part of the skills and experience inventory collection process prior to Mentor Training, prospective Mentors agree to abide by a Code of Conduct .  Likewise, we expect our Entrepreneurs to commit to a similar promise. We will offer our mentors opportunities to spend time together and learn from our community.  The ECs goal is to assure Mentors are prepared to be great matchmakers for our entrepreneurs – other mentors, customers, partners and resources.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you and appreciate your willingness to serve.