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Our partners are a key component in our system.  These successful businesses help guide our startup communities and act as role models for those in pursuit of becoming the next great companies in Nashville.


Our partner groups each bring a unique influence to the EC and provide specific value to our accelerating groups and budding entrepreneurs. Partners build unique relationships with new companies and help them on their journey to success. With the EC’s strong track record of building successful businesses, these relationships are sure to carry on past funding and through our growth.

With our member base passing 500 members, we have more impact than ever in the community and more ways for Partners to grow along with these Entrepreneurs.



Partner groups engage the EC and our community in numerous ways. Mentorship, office hours, day clinics, branded events, and collaborative activity are all possible scenarios in which partners can work with the EC. We undertake projects as small as 10 person innovation programs and as large as worldwide case competitions. If it is going to help our startups community and help keep Nashville as one the greatest cities to star a business in America, we are going to find a way to make it happen.

The EC understands that every partner has different needs and benefits in different ways. We pride ourselves in finding personalized opportunities for each of our partners and look forward to finding new ways to combine our influence and create in 2014. 


The work at the EC never stops.  Every day, the people of Nashville are dreaming of new businesses to build and are rewriting our future.  In order for us to continue to be in the best position possible to help these entrepreneurs realize their destiny, we must continue to seek out the right groups to help us succeed in our mission.  

And, the best part, we all win while working together.  The EC is quickly becoming one of the premier places in the US to start a business.  As a partner of the EC, you are given the unique opportunity to work with our startup community and build relationships with new high potential companies that are far more likely to succeed through our programming than battling through new business alone.  

The EC has been able to demonstrate enough value to be one of only 7 groups in North America sponsored by “Google for Entrepreneurs’’ Tech Hub Network, has been chosen as a partner for Dell’s Center for Entrepreneurs, and partnered with more than 40 local groups in various capacities.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the EC, or know of a group that you believe could find value in doing so, please reach out. We will work diligently to ensure that all engagement with the EC and our community is beneficial to our partner’s goals.

For more information, please contact Blake Hogan at or call 612-423-4949. Or use the form on the left side of the page.