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Thank you for investing your time to become a mentor at The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC). We are truly the first place for an aspiring entrepreneur to embark on his/her journey of turning an idea into a reality. With your knowledge and experience, we can help entrepreneurs reach key business milestones much faster and with more clarity than they could on their own. During this process, we are confident you will find this experience to be both fun and rewarding. All mentors are required to be EC members, and the Center certifies all mentors through our training program; in return, they get to help the most innovative, creative, and driven people in the world.

EC Mentors come from all backgrounds and types, but they all share a love for helping innovative and driven entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. The EC Mentoring Program helps individuals apply their lifetime of business experience to helping startups launch successfully.

EC Mentors fall into 4 categories:

  • Startup Experts – Serial entrepreneurs with experience in multiple startups.
  • Industry Experts – Individuals with a wealth of industry-specific experience.
  • Knowledge Experts – Mentors with experience in a specific range of business skills (Legal, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, IT, Infrastructure, Operations, etc…)
  • Launch Experts – Mentors with experience investing funds in and/or raising funds for startup companies.

Mentor Training

The first step to becoming a mentor at The EC is to fill out the Mentor Application. We use this form to learn more about your professional experience, as well as your past experience as a mentor. After you have filled out this application, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk about mentoring at The EC.

Following the application process, new mentors will then attend the EC Mentor Training Class: Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO. Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO is a class designed to give a crash-course on mentoring for startup mentors or anyone wishing to sharpen their mentoring skills for their professional setting. This class is led by Jeff Loucks, EC Mentor Coordinator. Mentoring the Entrepreneurial CEO walks new EC mentors and professionals alike through a 4 hour course on how to be an effective mentor, run a successful mentor meeting, the 5Ms of an Investable Business, determining an entrepreneurs success, and walk-throughs of other valuable EC resources.

Following the completion of the training class, you must complete 8 or more shadowing hours with an EC Master Mentor. Following the shadowing process, you will be assessed by a master mentor to determine where you can most valuably volunteer your time as a mentor. All mentors are asked to spend a minimum of 4 hours volunteering time at the EC a month. These hours may not always be used, but if an entrepreneur requests to meet with you we ask that you do everything you can to meet with them.