Accelerator Partners

An accelerator is a business incubator or business operation that offers advice and resources to help small businesses grow.

We run focused startup cohorts throughout the year. While the structure, focus, and goals of each cohort are customized to their audience, the basic skeleton remains the same. Each cohort works to drastically accelerate the launch or development of a business by combing educational programming, one-on-one mentoring, and startup networking in a timed program. 


Jumpstart Foundry, formerly backed by Solidus, will soon transition into a relationship with Clayton Associates. The accelerator was the EC’s first accelerator program and has supported 4 cohorts of startups to date. The program concentrates on tech companies and requires each startup to have 2 founding members, one of which has a technology background.


The EC has partnered with the Center for Nonprofit Management for the EC’s newest social enterprise accelerator. The program begins in January and takes startups with a social mission and educates them on how to create and enhance revenue streams. The EC will lead teachings and provide assistance from the Center for Nonprofit Management. 


Pre-Flight is a pre-accelerator program designed to help startup business develop and prepare for success. The program runs 4 months and participants are allowed use of the EC facility, participate in classes, and are invited to all membership events.


Healthbox, an offset of Sandbox Ventures out of Chicago, recently ran their first accelerator with the EC. Their inaugural class graduated 7 companies from the EC. Healthbox has partnered locally with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, HCA, and the Nashville Health Care Council.


Jumpwerx is a program run by Jumpstart Foundry that focuses on taking business teams from larger healthcare organizations and putting them through an intensive cohort program developed to help launch a new product of service that will drive profitability for the company. Future Jumpwerx participants include Med Solutions and Humana.


Catalyst is a cohort the EC offers with Nashville’s chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. In this program we take businesses from all industries through a 24-week program focused on scaling their annual revenues up from approximately $250,000 to $1 million or more dollars.


Vertical Programs


Musicpreneur Series is a educational program, where we are partnering with the Music City Music Council to provide young music business professionals education about how their ideas and entrepreneurs can potentially change an industry. Nine music industry titans will come in for panels and educations sessions on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm. 


In the fall of 2014, the EC will be spearheading the connection between the entrepreneurs and health care professionals in Nashville. It is our goal during the 4 sessions to cultivate new ideas within the healthcare industry, and provide an outlet for these ideas to be worked on. In line with the previous programs, these will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm Sept. – Dec. 


The EC and the Nashville Technology Council are partnering in summer 2014 for a program revolving around Developing, Connecting, and Promoting technology in Nashville. This 4 session series, that will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm will bring in multiple leaders of the tech industry in Nashville to offer education and development of the communities tech knowledge.